TeenToks is...

TeenToks is a safe place for teens to come for help with friends, parents, school and with themselves.

TeenToks is...

A place for teens to feel connected with others like them. Videos are created BY teens FOR teens, making mental health topics real and relatable.

TeenToks is...

Packed with content. Crush stress and boost well-being with short videos, learn coping skills with daily challenges, and relax with guided meditations.

The stats on youth mental health leave a lump in your throat. Here are a few recent ones:

  • More than 33% of kids will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by 18
  • More than 44% of kids felt persistently sad over the last couple of years
  • More than 60% of young adults feel chronically lonely

Research shows teaching kids and teens skills of resilience can not only mitigate stress and anxiety, it can help prevent it. It’s true. While our kids can’t avoid the challenges they will face in their lives, we can arm them with skills to not only survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.

Our Story

TeenToks was created by GoZen! Founded with the mission to boost resilience in kids and teens, everything we do at GoZen! follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice. For more than a decade, we've been creating social and emotional learning tools in a variety of formats: animations, crafts, games, printables, workshops, and more.

With so many different tools, we’ve always aimed to speak to a broad array of learning styles. Still, over the years, we’ve been asked for one thing more than anything else:

Can you make more programs specifically for tweens and teens?

We put our heads together. How can we reach this age group? Then, we had an idea.


Our Realization

The most powerful teacher for a teen is simply… another teen.

We put out a call to this age group to see who was interested in teaching others about mental health. Hundreds and hundreds responded, and we had the honor of working with nearly 40 tweens and teens over the last year.

We taught them cutting-edge research on the science of well-being. We covered topics like stress, body image, peer pressure, friendship, confidence, and much more. They took their talent and transformed the science into powerful, bite-sized video lessons. Toks. Hundreds of them.

Our Mission

TeenToks is not just an app. It is the manifestation of our hope that together we can raise a generation that will reach their innermost potential.

It’s a belief that we can reverse the trend of mental health for young people. It’s a call to action.

It’s a brand new wave. And we’re calling on you to ride it with us.


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