TeenToks: Changing the way teens take charge of their mental health.

TeenToks: Changing the way teens take charge of their mental health.

450+ mental health videos made by teens

40+ guided meditations

Start healthy habits with wellness challenges

Fresh content added every week

TeenToks gives teens support from the people they listen to the most: other teens. Whatever the challenge—anxiety, peer pressure, negative thoughts, body image and more—we've got you covered.

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Discover tools to combat stress in its most common forms.

Our teen creators break down the science of well-being into short, content-packed videos. In less than 10 minutes a day, get research-based advice for handling anxiety, body image challenges, school overwhelm, motivation, and so much more. Find hundreds of videos in our growing library of content.

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Hundreds of videos, created by teens for teens.

Our teen creators transform the science of well-being into powerful, bite-sized videos covering topics like stress, body image, peer pressure, friendship, confidence, and much more.

Anxiety & Stress

Learn scientifically-proven methods for transforming your worry.

Body Image

Appreciate your unique body and the work it does for you.

Confidence & Self worth

Find pride in the person you are, just as you are.

Friendships & Belonging

Navigate relationship challenges with confidence.

Motivation & Goal-Setting

Stop procrastinating and start getting things done.

School & Grades

End fixed mindsets, unhealthy comparisons, and the pain of academic pressure.


Develop habits that will have you resting more at night and feeling healthier during the day.

Social Anxiety

Get tools to set your mind and body at ease when making new friends or speaking publicly.

Thoughts & Feelings

Intrusive thoughts, depression, overwhelm - we’ve experienced it too, and we’re here to help.

TeenToks Mental Health App Belonging Challenge

Take action with multi-day challenges that tackle your toughest feelings.

Just like trick shots or dance moves, mental wellness takes some practice. Build your skills of well-being by checking in with TeenToks daily. Whether you’re 8 or 80, a parent or professional, the science of well-being is universal; let us break it down for you.

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